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Roggy Eye Clinic, specializes in working with athletes of all ages and levels from Jr. High students, Division 1 collegiate programs, and professional athletes. Sports Vision Training improves functional athletic performance through a specialized vision training program.

As co-founder of VisioSport, LLC, Dr. Roggy, along with her colleague and business partner, Dr. Kara Heying, have developed a comprehensive program that delivers customized sports vision training protocols with proven, measurable results utilizing highly-specialized clinical and technological systems.  Dr. Roggy can make student athletes perform more consistently and at a higher level, both on and off the field.


Visual Skills

Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. Over 40% of the brain’s machinery is dedicated to vision. Scientific research shows that visual-motor and visual-sensory skills are modifiable. Everyone from the injured athlete to the high performer can be trained to react quicker, focus faster, and maximize depth perception and visual sensory skills. Assuming every athlete has equal ocular motor skills is like assuming that every athlete can run the same speed or jump the same height. Roggy Eye Clinic can improve an athlete’s oculomotor and visual-sensory skills which will improve athletic performance.   

Sports vision training can better prepare the athlete for competition by dramatically improving the athletes’ peripheral awareness, body reaction, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, visual perceptual skills, visual clarity, eye teaming, focusing and tracking.  Sports vision training should be in tandem with the overall conditioning and training of the athlete.   



Our approach is simple.


Assessment: Each athlete completes baseline vision and binocular testing by the doctor plus individualized instrument visual-motor and visual-sensory skill evaluation.  These are accurate, efficient and sophisticated vision assessments performed in the office or at your team’s facility.  

Analysis:  All individual assessment data is analyzed by the doctor and by Senaptec’s database, separating each athlete by sport, position and competition level. Strengths, weaknesses and potential areas for visual growth are identified.  

Training (optimization):  Specific and highly customized sports vision training protocols are designed and implemented to improve visual motor and sensory performance for each athlete based on individual assessment analysis.  All vision therapy training will be  individualized and done under the doctor’s direction and administered  by vision therapists. 

Roggy Eye Clinic utilizes proven vision and sensorimotor improvement methodologies with 

state-of-the-art technology to make athletes see better... be better.


The Sports Vision Training program is a process that is completely controlled by the client. Our process starts with thorough vision and sensorimotor testing to determine baseline data of the vision capabilities and potential deficits of each athlete.  Individual vision strengths and weaknesses of the athlete is then clearly identified to players, coaches, and trainers. 

The doctor prepares a summary analysis and recommendations for consideration based on the analysis of the testing data. Once complete, you will  be ready to proceed with the Sports Vision Training program.  This may include training for select high-impact players, players demonstrating significant impairment, or to move entire teams to a higher level of performance through sports vision training.

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