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We are so glad that you are interested in Sports Vision Training! Many athletes have seen great success with this program, and we cannot wait to help you!

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Sport Vision Training Informational Packet

Sports Vision Training Pamphlet


What are the steps and process to scheduling appointments for Sports Vision Training (SVT)?

  1.  Annual Comprehensive Exam: In order to schedule an appointment for SVT, you must first be seen to evaluate the health of your eyes. 
    1. If you have completed a yearly exam with a different doctor, no worries! You will simply need to ask your clinic to fax your records to us. It is necessary that we receive these records prior to being seen at this clinic. 
    2. If you haven't had a yearly exam, no worries again! You can schedule this appointment with Dr. Roggy at your earliest convenience. 
  2. Initial Computerized Sports Vision Assessment: Special Testing
  3. Clinical Evaluation: 15 minute consultation with Dr. Roggy (generally same day as step 2 if schedule allows) 
  4. Two 1:1 Training Sessions: Scheduled about 2-3 weeks apart with our Vision Therapist
  5. Result Report: Re-evaluation of special testing and appointment with Dr. Roggy for final analysis
  6. One 1:1 Training Session: Training session with our Vision Therapist for home maintenance 

What is the cost of Sports Vision Training?

  1.  The total cost is $325.00. This includes all office visits, materials, equipment, and time. 

I would love to schedule an appointment for Sports Vision Training. How can I do this?

  1. You can call us at (319) 569-1936 to schedule an appointment! We cannot wait to help you see better... be better. 

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